1. “If it wasn’t for “Free Will” & the programming & conditioning of individual & collective consciousness evil wouldn’t exist.”
    J Galati

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      1. Hi Amy,
        I’m a speaker not a writer. I hate writing & I hate typing. when I see the words “Self Reliance” on your web site,I start flashing back to the sixties when I was in high school Jim Morrison was reading Wm Blake, my friends were all reading Henry David Thoreau and I had read some of his stuff his “Civil Disobedience” but I was reading Emerson’s essay’s on “Self Reliance” I just couldn’t put Emerson down.
        It seems we all have writers in our past that have been a great influence on our psyche’s. Having read so many books in my past from Huxley to James Allen & Judge Thomas a Troward ” The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science.” Consciousness has been altered.
        I had met this guy way back in the mid seventies and we talked about Christian Mysticism & he kept quoting Blake and some the quote’s were like firing my Imagination, it’s an exhilarating thing when people can meet & exchange ideas on the things concerning that of the Spirit.
        “The Gods to each other are not unknown.”
        R. W. Emerson
        It was right after meeting with this gentlemen that I had went out and picked up some of Blake’s Poetry & Prose.
        Having been studying Blake now for the last 35 Yrs now I have come to the conclusion that nobody ever expressed it like Wm Blake.
        Wm Blake was one of God’s Angels but his writing’s were not for the people of his time but for ours.
        “If Truth could be put into words so that it could be understood it would be believed.”—Blake
        You know Amy I hated school, I’ve always hated it, they are thought control centers for “General Knowledge”.
        You seem to be someone who likes words & distrusts words & rightly so…”Words are the bells of conditioned reflexes.” It’s sad when we have to separate the weeds from the flowers when it comes to words, words like Fear.
        Fear…She’s the mother of violence making me tense to watch the way she breeds.”
        Peter Gabriel
        It seems as if the Collective Subconscious is evolving, I look around today and see many Spirits rising up in consciousness, tired of the Psychological warfare that has been going on.
        Having studied etymology & Semantic’s, we are doing some funny things with words…”We are only men we eat we speak in fancy wordy ways.”
        “Just say Know.”—Tim Leary
        Hold on while I print this out so I can eat it.—Just Joking.
        You would have loved the Sixties Amy, Fun times. Got to run, my mom is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s & I’m her care giver, my mom raised me & took care of me now it’s my turn to take care of her.
        Peace out, Namaste.

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        1. Hi Jaime Galati (Pinealdoorway)

          I ran across your review about Neville’s books and teachings here:


          I would love to learn more about where you believe Neville’s teachings had some errors as I’ve been studying him for quite some time now as well.

          Please reply back or send me an email at: jrcorp0303@gmail.com


  2. “Tell me what is a thought & of what substance is it made of “—Wm Blake
    In the question is the answer, it takes a conscious thinking entity to ask a question,so consciousness must answer it.
    Is it any wonder why Emerson in his essay’s would said…”What you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.”
    I thank God in my heart for people like Amy jalapeno who are always using the power of suggestion to lift us up. not to have fear to have faith in one’s self.
    I have been deprogramming myself ever since I got back from Vietnam in Nov of 69. every now & then I still hear the words,Stay alert Stay Alive, Kill or be killed. I mean like they’d pound that into you all day long.Today when I hear an explosion I freak. Talk about Fear, yeah I was scared right down to the marrow of my bones.Sometimes I wonder how I made it out of there alive.
    The VA they could care less, if it wasn’t for my Spirituality,I don’t think I could have lasted.
    When you go into the military they’ll screw you up but they don’t want to help you after you get out.
    “When Blake wrote “Songs of Innocence” right after he wrote “Songs of experience” showing the Two contrary states of the human Soul.”
    It is sometimes said that duality is an inherent condition of life, well we may be born into a world that is infected with it, but we are not born with it.
    Love to all & please if you can, donate money a food bank nearest you, Pay it Forward.

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