1. Unanswerable or unknown? Perspective and perception? Lots of tricky ones there to sure Amy. To be willing to accept not knowing what may be in the future is one thing. But there is a difference between hopes and false reality , I am sure you believe that one dreams and desires play a part in healthy psyche ?


  2. Filling in the unknown future with fairy tales and calling it reality?. Thats a good statement. But if an individual is filling in the unkown with fairy tales ,im my eyes, is realizing that the reality is real and if this is reality and im living in the reality then the reality is what i make of it. Simple. The I is the YOU . I can create and say anything will you belive what i(yourself) whats create and bring into the reality or will you pass it off as a “fairytale” or false thought pattern. You know what is very unknown? The world we live in. So if u have been told that the “fairytale” is a “fairytale” by someone else how do u know that them telling you that its a “fairytale” isnt just another “fairytale” they belive when they say this is reality and fairytales do nit exist. Is waking life real reality or is the dream the real reality(when u dream at night) ….or is it both…


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