Be a rebel. Make inner freedom the norm. Buy a limited edition of ‘Inner Freedom Is Hot’ by Nov 5th!


  1. Wow, Amy, what an awesome message! I’m really looking forward to seeing a book from all the wonderful quotes you publish. This video was inspiring and filled with hope. Thanks for producing and sharing it!

    BTW, great to finally hear your voice, too! :)


    1. Thank you, Jack! …for everything you just said. I was so nervous. And it’s not near the quality I wanted it to be, but it’s all I have currently. Funny part of it is, I filmed it using my iPhone leaned against my computer monitor and stacked on a box DVD set of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. (hee)

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      1. I think that’s pretty amazing quality for an iPhone, if you ask me. The words flowed so smoothly and you weren’t a bit nervous. Really, you did a great job–and to that, I tip my hat!


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