1. I think it all depends what you had in mind (to say)…
    Because they “might” know it…

    So I guess – with that quote – I would use “might” twice to make is sound like this:

    “If you don’t say it, they might not know it.
    If they don’t know it, they might act as if what you feel does not exist.”

    have a great weekend :D


    1. I mean it to inspire this: put yourself out there, take a risk, be vulnerable whether others respond or not. It’s about digging deep and having the courage to express what you are most afraid to, to focus more on the declaration and the freedom that comes when one is so bold.

      Sure, others may or may not respond. But that was not my point. I meant to light a fire of personal accountability in relationships, which cannot be done with “might.”

      I really do appreciate your thoughts. It helps me see how my quotes are received and how I can better communicate my message.

      You have a great weekend as well! :)


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