do you cling to goodness? + that may not be such a good thing (daily hot! quote)


“The mind/ego is what turns sexuality into pornography, intimacy into exploitation, and bliss into addiction. When you identify with or cling to these things, you drain everything fine and good and holy from them.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeñ


  1. You dont know what you doing is Abomination
    burn in hell , dont know about Ego mind means?
    independent mind from the Creator , you think you are god ego means you think alone talk alone .talk to your own self .. Dont know Love .
    Dont you Know your Teaching is Satanic . Learn in Torah what you are getting into with God .
    why you gonna end the lake of fire without marcy. Go away from people . God is coming for judgment to Humans , to end of times . Repent before is to late (sex Satan) means the same .sinner.h


    1. Angel, I am baffled by YOUR way of thinking. As a matter of fact, I had to read it about three times to try to understand what you are saying. In no way is what Amy saying satanic. If you were a true Christian, then you would know that it’s not up to us to judge, only God can judge. Welcome to 2015, where there are more than one religion & you don’t have to agree with it. No one is claiming to have an independent mind from the “Creator.” She is stresses that we all must tune in with our inner self-reliance to move us as human beings REGARDLESS of ones beliefs. Religion has zip to do with self-reliance. You’re on the wrong blog site bud. Perhaps you should look up Bible thumping wing-nuts! ;)


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