1. Hello again!
                I was reading your blog and couldn’t help noticing it’s popularity. Can I ask what methods you use on the net to promote your blog and which have been the most successful? I appreciate any tips. I have been blogging for over a year and the stats are still weak!


                1. I didn’t realize it was (popular). And I’ve been wondering the same about how other bloggers get so many to ‘like’ their posts. I have seen a huge spike in views (no ‘likes’) the last week due to Stumble Upon referrals.

                  Honestly though, I have simply been consistent. Every time I post it goes to all my various social media through the WordPress.com publicize option (you can set up all your accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, G+, Linked In, Twitter, etc. in the Sharing part of your WordPress.com dashboard). I then post it to Pinterest and Stumble Upon. I haven’t done anything different this past week that I haven’t done since I began a year and a half ago in order to account for the spike. Someone must have just “stumbled upon” my posts (heh). ;)

                  I also do a lot with G+ and Empire Avenue is a great place to get social media support. (psst…look me up if you join EA) Hope that helps. Good luck!


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