1. Is this one you made up, Amy? If it is, it’s really, really deep. Seriously. We’re talking about major timeline playfulness here. In other words, no matter what the action is, the result will always be the same. It reminds me of those Final Destination movies where when death knocks on the door, it doesn’t matter how, the outcome will always be the same!

    Good one, Amy! Exceptional, in fact!


    1. Yes, it was me. *blushes*

      I laid down for sleep last night. Not two minutes in and the quote above came to me. I reached for the lamp and grabbed my notebook. I changed two words and some punctuation this morning. The rest (here) is as it came out last night. Seriously, that’s how these quotes come to me…when I’m hardly thinking.

      Sometimes I don’t even realize what I have until later. And then there are those that I want to seriously alter when visiting them after a few months; but I restrain my obsessive gremlin editing urges and force myself to let it be as it is.

      Thanks, Jack, for sticking around. You’re awesome. :)


      1. Well, I usually don’t make a big deal about stuff unless it really catches my attention and this certainly blew me away. Whatever, however you’re doing it, keep doing it. This quote is an instant keeper!


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