1. I have yet to see the Life of Pi (I know, I know–how dare I!), but the quote is something that’s struck me. I’m not sure how to describe it. I think without a proper good-bye the heart still clings to the past and doesn’t let go. It will eat up a person if they’re not allowed to properly put away the relationship. The worst part about the whole thing is if it’s forced. Then the torment will never let go until such time as when a person decides to move on. This can be caused by disease, a heartbreak, death, all sorts. When someone has the opportunity to say good-bye it release the person’s part on the relationship and they’re able to move on. When a person’s denied that…well, have you seen the state of mental health for North America?

    Well…this comments deeper than I intended. I better put away philosophical Jack before I get into trouble! lol


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