1. Why do I get the feeling that any response that doesn’t wholeheartedly agree with your highness some how proves your point. Just when did you become the source of all knowledge and wisdom? Eddie


        1. Eddie, I do not believe I am the source of all knowledge and wisdom. My response was in support of you – of your right to think and believe however you like. I respect that right. And however you choose to use it – to build and inspire or to criticize and tear down is your fingerprint on humanity.

          I support compassionate and innovative thoughts on this web site. And you are welcome to share those if you have any. But if you have come here to criticize, belittle and argue then I, as owner of this web site, will ban your comments. You will not contaminate a place I have reserved for others to feel safe and understood.

          You are in my house (so to speak); and if you do not like the content here, you are welcome to move on to another site that will contend with you or support your views.


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