1. “I feel that a man can be happy in this world but until he has an understanding of what this world is all about. If God is anything he is understanding.”
    Wm Blake


  2. This is so on point. The few women I’ve been interested in after my divorce don’t understand my ability to remain friends with my ex and they project their past heartaches in prior relationships onto me. They never understood that I am capable of remaining friends with them as well even after they’ve damaged our relationship to the point that it too can be nothing more than friends. It’s difficult to start off as friends and become something more nowadays and friends is usually where they end up when they can’t help but be jealous and insecure for no reason.

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    1. JC, I feel exactly the same way – that the men I’ve been in love with feel like they have to completely destroy the relationship (by blaming and negativity and protect projecting their past issues on to me) in order to leave it. Well said. Thanks for sharing! :)


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